About Us

A majority black women owned talent management agency that provides comprehensive outsourced human capital and professional service solutions to the IT, Telecommunications and Financial industry.

Many years of combined Project Management, IT and Recruitment (both permanent and contracting) experience allow us to fully grasp the unique needs of each client or project and the enable us to structure a team to achieve the client objectives.  Our strength lies in the management team’s diverse and complementary skills, each with a specific portfolio of responsibilities to ensure that we effectively link the client’s strategic goals with the unique needs of their work space or project from both a technical proficiency and culture fit perspective.

As a Registered Labour Broker, we fully understand the legislative requirements of the industry and ensure 100% compliance to these. Our contractors are offered benefits and support services not typically found in the market.

We are 100% supportive of the industry regulatory bodies and follow strict processes and a proven methodology of screening, selection and background checks.  This is followed by hands on resource management and reporting throughout the duration of the engagement.

To be the market innovator in customised staffing solutions.

To provide you the opportunity to focus on your core business while allowing us to focus on our core business – your people.


Our values


  • What you want
  • When you need it

People obsession

  • Obsessed with high levels of service delivery
  • Adding value to your core business


  • Quality rather than quantity
  • Transparent thereby allowing informed decisions

Courage to Change

  • Challenging the conventional norms of recruitment solutions
  • Adaptive to meeting the needs of a changing workplace

Passion and commitment

  • Passionate about our purpose, committed to people
  • Partnering with candidates to develop their career goals
  • Partnering with companies by providing excellent resources that add value to their vision

Why choose us?

As an employer
We choose to partner with companies ensuring complete understanding of the needs of each role and the respective culture fit. Core Candidate views itself as your Brand Ambassador, and will reflect your company and its career offering in the best possible light.

Core Candidate uses the “best fit” approach to recruiting on your behalf and will present the CV and references in an easy to read, tailored format.  We would rather not submit a CV than send one that “might” work!
Bottom line: Your people – our focus!

As a candidate
We choose to partner with candidates that are committed to their individual career paths, and are passionate about what they do. Our consultants will ensure that you are treated as a client and that we do the right thing for you, not us.

The consultant will spend a great deal of time ensuring that your CV is representative of your skills and strengths.  Your CV will never be submitted to a client without your knowledge or permission giving you control of your future.

Bottom line: Your career – our focus!


APSO Member